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The newly released documentary Clinton Cash, based on the New York Times Best Selling book by Peter Schweizer, explains how the Clintons went from broke to being members of the 1% in no time flat. The documentary is about 1 hour in length, and well worth your time. When taken into context with the e-mail scandals, and so much more, you’ll see that Hillary Clinton’s greatest accomplishment has been getting absurdly wealthy by selling her (and her husband’s) influence. WATCH for FREE NOW…

About 10 years ago, my husband and I attended the International Council of Shopping Centers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among other things, franchises/franchise owners for everything from fast food to chain department stores showcase their products and meet with prospective retail land, mall and shopping strip center owners.

Bill and Hillary Clinton should be behind bars for their deceitful, unethical, and criminal behavior. At some point it all HAS to catch up to them. As my mother always said, The longer it takes for you to pay for your misdeeds, the the worse it will be.” In my neck of the woods, we’ve learned to never go against yo’ mama’s words of wisdom! You can take ’em to the bank and cash ’em like a check folks!!

We heard some great speakers like former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, but one of the headliners was surprisingly, was former president Bill Clinton. The minute he opened his mouth, we KNEW he was only there to make a buck, and that we were one of MANY stops. He could barely speak because he was so hoarse from giving other speeches. I still don’t remember what he talked about because he was not relevant to the event. Now, years later, I wonder what he kind of deal he was working behind the scenes. Saying that the Clinton’s are shady, is an understatement.

The movie was funded by co-founder of Government Accountability Institute and Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen Bannon.

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