RNC Highlights Days 1 & 2

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The first 2 days of the 2016 Republican National Convention have been anything but boring. From the GOP nominee, Donald Trump, making an entrance worthy of the grand finale of “The Celebrity Apprentice“, complete with blue smoke and back lighting, to his son, Donald J Trump Jr. delivering a speech to make any seasoned politician envious—it’s been entertaining, inspiring, semi-rowdy, and unlike any convention, democratic or republican, that I’ve ever seen. I guess you could say it’s been a totally “unconventional” convention. Here are some of my favorite moments & speeches from the first two days of the RNC.

Monday (night one), while Melania Trump gave a very sincere and lovingly inclusive speech, she was ill-served by the poor research of those who helped her write the speech. Therefore, what should have been a wonderful speech was tainted by the fact that about about 20 words appear to be taken directly from a 2008 speech given by Michelle Obama.

At this level, there is no excuse for such sloppiness. I put the blame squarely on the person who failed to catch this error, and to this person’s credit, she came forward and offered her resignation. To HIS credit, Donald Trump declined to accept it. While this was a mistake, it as not a game-changing mistake, and I have a feeling the lesson has been learned and won’t be repeated again.

Unlike career politicians both on the left and right who have blatantly and even purposefully plagiarized speeches and documents (Obama himself has done as much, and on several occasions), Mrs Trump is not a politician, nor will she influence policy, so for me, this does not make me think ill of her. It’s obvious she loves her husband and our country, and spoke at the convention for those reasons alone. Here is a video of Melania Trump’s speech, complete with her husband walking onto the stage in a puff of blue smoke & back lighting to introduce her.

My favorite moments on night one were given by Sheriff David Clarke and Rudy Giuliani. I appreciate that they are both politically incorrect!

Sheriff David Clarke received a huge reaction for his common sense approach:

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s fiery speech:

Tuesday (night two), brought us some really fantastic hard hitting speeches. Gov. Chris Christie effectively laid out the case AGAINST Hillary Clinton, and Ben Carson brought an element of the “every man” with his passionate speech.

So far,Gov. Chris Christie delivered the most memorable statement of the first two days when he stated,“We know exactly what four years of Hillary Clinton will bring: all the failures of the Obama years, but with less charm and more lies.”

Gov. Christie prosecutes Hillary in the most fiery speech of the evening:

Who knew evil “Sheila Carter” from The Young & Restless was really the sane actress, Kimberlin Brown, and a small business owner of an avocado farm in California? Most people missed her speech, but if you are a small business owner or have been hit hard by Obamacare, you’ll identify with her words.
Kimberlin Brown’s words to women and small business owners:

Of course, the best speech from Tuesday night has to be the one given by Donald J Trump Jr. He really connected with different demographics across the board, in particular, blue collar, middle class, and millennial voters. His message definitely resonated with them.

Donald Trump Jr brought the best speech of Tuesday Evening…

As always, Dr. Ben Carson was a breath of fresh air. He always seems to make any event an extraordinary event with his humble demeanor and common sense christian approach. However, that “Lucifer” statement might have gone a little too far. While I believe Hillary Clintion is a lying, corrupt, and unconscionable person who belongs behind prison bars instead of behind the desk in the Oval Office, let’s not burn the woman at the stake! At some point, it will all catch up with her and justice will be served. Be it in a legal courtroom,or in the court of public opinion (O.J. Simpson anyone?)! BTW…I have been doing extensive research on her that I believe political sausage readers will find fascinating.
Ben Carson was totally politically incorrect and fabulous:

The most moving moment of the first 2 days:

Marlana VanHoose’s rendition if the National Anthem on Monday!

What an awesome job this 16 year old did!! She truly brought tears to my eyes. As stated on littlemarlana.com, a webisite devoted to the teen, “Marlana was born with Cytomegalovirus (CMV), and by the time she was a few weeks old it was discovered that she was blind. Her optic nerve never formed and she was not expected to live past one year. At the age of two, Marlana was also diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy.” Despite everything she’s had to overcome, this young lady continues to press on with a song and the love of the Lord in her heart.

Look for more highlights of days 3 and 4 soon, as well as, a Hillary Clinton corruption article! 

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