Experience Does Not Equal Success

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When I was a girl, I took piano lessons. In fact, I went on to take piano lessons for the next 9 years! Given that information, one would assume me to be a very accomplished pianist– they’d be WRONG!! Why? For one, I wasn’t born with the natural talent to play the piano, and no matter how much I wanted to be a proficient piano player, my desire could not overcome my lack of natural ability. Therefore, my success on that particular instrument has always been very limited.


However, I AM a good singer. So much so, that MANY years ago, I was offered a recording contract (brag, brag, brag), and vocal music scholarships helped to pay my way through college. Despite all those years of piano lessons, I STILL cannot play the grand piano my husband gifted me with years ago. I’m so grateful he had the good sense to have it fitted with a cd player that turns it into a player piano to accompany me whenever I feel the need to break out in song!

So, why am I telling you of my tumultuous past with the piano? Well, the same reason I’ll never make a living as a piano player is the very same reason Hillary Clinton will never make a successful president—while we have great desire, neither one of us has the natural ability to be successful in these areas. It might not be a politically correct statement, but it IS a true statement. I know that of which I speak!

I have experience with leaders. In fact, I’m married to a leader! In observing him, I’ve discovered two of the most important qualities of a leader are the ability and desire to succeed. When the housing industry crashed a few years ago, our family-owned construction company was almost taken down like so many others. However, when the dust cleared, in our region of the country, we were one of a handful of companies left standing in that same industry! Instead of doing what he knew—home building, my husband took our company in a different direction—commercial restaurant construction.

Of course, he was not fully knowledgeable in all aspects of this type of building, nor did he have very much experience with it. However, he had two of the most important qualities needed to succeed—natural ability and the desire to succeed! One without the other would have ended in failure.

That said, even though Mrs. Clinton has either been elected or appointed to government positions in the last 4 decades, and she has the desire to succeed, she does not have the ability. For years, she served as her husband’s “plus one” each time he was elected to public office. Being someone’s “plus one” is not equal to being THAT person.


Hillary Clinton continues to tell Americans that she has decades of experience and the temperament to BE our president. What she does not have to show for her decades of public service is what matters mostSUCCESSFUL RESULTS! Just like pianists, singers, builders, and bakers, successful leaders are born, not made. As to this, Clinton is the proverbial square peg trying to force her way into a round hole.  No matter how many times the square peg is forced into the hole, it will NEVER be the right fit.

Yes, Clinton has be a “boss”. Although she might have knowledge and experience, those two components are not enough. In order to be a successful leader, one must COMBINE those two components with natural abilities and sharp instincts. Unfortunately, natural abilities and sharp instincts are two qualities that cannot be taught. You either have them, or you don’t…and in Clinton’s case, she DOES NOT. She also lacks the ability to quickly soak up knowledge, assess a situation, and then put that knowledge into action. Her sluggish responses in life or death situations, and even to invitations to meet with world leaders serves as a testimony to this end.

During Clinton’s 8 years as a United States Senator, she only had THREE pieces of legislation passed that she sponsored. They were (1) to rename part of a highway after the late Tim Russert, (2) to re-name a post office as  the “Major George Quamo Post Office Building.” , and (3) a bill to make the brick house of 19th century female union leader Kate Mullany a national historic site. Those “accomplishments” are not the mark of success. It actually speaks to her ineffectiveness as a leader. What’s even more galling is that over that same time period, she was paid roughly $1.3 million dollars in salary by taxpayers.  When you throw in the other perks and benefits of being a US Senator, her compensation was even greater! She was paid about $461,333 for each of those pieces of legislation, which made no real impact on anyone’s life. What a waste of money!

Under Hillary Clinton’s tenure as United States Secretary of State, America’s stature shrank. A few prime examples are the failed Russian Reset and the destabilization of the middle east.


Even members of Clinton’s fan club, aka members of the national media (such as The NewYorker,The Washington Post and abcnews), have each noted Hillary Clinton left behind no positive major achievements during her tenure as Secretary of State. In fact, all of her major achievements have been negative, with some having catastrophic consequences

Hillary Clinton, at every democratic presidential primary debate liked to interject, “I have a better track-record,” or that she’s “a progressive who gets things done.” But, her involvement, as Secretary of State, with Honduras, Haiti, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Russia, and Ukraine proves just the opposite, and had disastrous effects–if not directly to the citizens of those countries, then to the USA’s relationship and standing with them. 

Due to the liberal nature of the mainstream media, they, as well as, the Clinton camp are covering up or in most cases, not acknowledging among many other things, her lack of accomplishments. The first presidential debate is evidence of it.

While Lester Holt made a point to ask questions to GOP candidate Donald Trump specifically about 3 topics the American people have taken issue with him on over the years–the birther movement, his tax returns, and his temperament; NOT ONCE did Holt question Clinton about her e-mails, the Clinton Foundation and unethical “pay to play” method of operation, her true role in the Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal, and YES–lack of accomplishments after 40 years in public service!



“Moderator” Lester Holt pulling a “Candy Crowley” by debating presidential candidate Donald Trump during the first presidential debate!

Lester Holt showed that he is just another “Candy Crowley” brand of media shill playing for team Clinton. While he might have kept it a secret before the September 26, 2016 debate, the cat’s out of the bag now—Lester Holt’s liberal bias could not be contained during the debate! So much so, that when Hillary Clinton was on the defensive, he helped Hillary out by also debating Trump with inaccurate and incomplete facts!! Sound familiar? It’s exactly what Candy Crowley did to Mitt Romney during the CNN 2012 Presidential Debate! Except Holt did it a couple of times. First by wrongly stating Trump’s position on the Iraq war, then with inaccurate information on “Stop and Frisk”. To be clear, Holt was completely wrong when he stated that the record showed Trump was for the war. On “Stop and Frisk”, each of them were right to some extent. However, is it a moderator’s job to insert themselves into a presidential debate, thereby changing their role from moderator to debater? No. A moderators’ role is that of a facilitator, not an actual participant of the debate process.

Even with the mainstream media acting as the public relation’s arm for the Clinton campaign, Hillary out-spending Trump 2-1 on negative ads, and the fact that Trump is a terrible debater and communicator, as well as, an inexperienced and unseasoned political candidate, he is STILL in a statistical tie with Hillary Clinton!! The reason is obvious, because even after all of Hillary Clinton’s experience, she is a failed leader, and in spite of Trump’s shortcomings, he is without a doubt a self-made success in his own right, and instead of simply being a “boss”, he’s a leader!

In the words of General Colin Powell, “She screws up everything she touches with her hubris!”. Clinton is too greedy and prideful to be successful, and even though she has held leadership positions, she has failed at them all. In other words, Hillary Clinton’s track record indicates that if she is elected, then the American people can expect more of the same— Hillary Clinton will “help” all of us become poorer and deeper in debt (while somehow enriching her own pockets), make our country less safe and secure via her plan to escalate the failed Obama refugee/immigration policies, and further destabilize the world with her poor judgement–or, we could elect Donald J. Trump!

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