Constitutional Rights vs Propaganda

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Mimicking petulant toddlers, on Wednesday, congressional democratic representatives staged a politically motivated sit in, complete with yelling and screaming when they did not get what they wanted on gun control! Watching the “show” unfold, I was struck by the fact that these same people wallowing on the floor in the nation’s capitol, were the same folks who swore on a bible to uphold, defend and protect the U.S. Constitution! Ironically, they were doing just the opposite—-a fact that was totally LOST on them. Even more, they used their antics as an opportunity to raise campaign funds!! You can’t make this stuff up folks!!!

Democratic Sit In

Members of the Democratic Sit-In (via AP)

Tantrum Yoga

I see a few similarities between the representatives and these tantrum yoga positions!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I was amused envisioning what kind of forklift it would take to hoist some of those big ol’ buttered butts up off that floor. However, I was more outraged and disgusted by such shameful theatrics on the floor of the US House of Representatives. They behaved like uncivilized thuggish lawmakers in other countries often do, which until Wednesday, has been beneath the dignity of our elected officials.

Their “protest” of sitting and lounging about on the floor, eating doughnuts, drinking sodas (the very sodas many liberals have tried to tax/ban from the unwashed masses) and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, texting their friends, and singing songs was just propaganda to further their own agenda, which would circumvent all American’s right to due process — a right guaranteed to us by our constitution.

Democratic Sit In Care Packages from Senators

Care packages should be for soldiers serving overseas, not pampered politicians.

Hungry for more than the care packages from their Democratic counterparts in the senate, and the Chick-Fil-A fare they have been supposedly boycotting due to the restaurants’ stance on same-sex marriage; after the c-span cameras were turned off, these publicity-starved slugs streamed themselves via Twitter’s Periscope. What started out as more than 100 people (when the cameras were rolling), dwindled down to less than a dozen democratic dupes a few hours later (when c-span was not officially rolling and the doughnuts had run out).

Rep. Maxine Waters said, “I’m prepared to stay here until Hell freezes over“, and Rep. Steny Hoyer commented, according to USA Today, “We will be sitting in until the House is allowed an opportunity to vote. This is an issue that ought to transcend party — it’s about saving lives and keeping our communities safe.” Sounds like these folks were invested for the long haul right? Maybe days and weeks of sitting in?? Hmmmm….

Constitutional Rights vs Propaganda…

That said, don’t be fooled into letting any so-called “public servant” or “media outlet” try to steal or limit your constitutional rights — no matter the methods OR political party! Because our national media is intertwined with our political leaders, they have become the propaganda machine for them. If you don’t believe it, just research the personal relationships of these folks and donations from news organizations/individuals to democratic/liberal organizations/individuals. You’ll find that several prominent “journalists” and media conglomerates are related via marriage or other relationships to the elite political ruling class.  

Being the constitutional lover that I am, I’m distrustful of the vast majority of politicians, no matter their party affiliation, and generally question all of their motives. The framers of our constitution did their very best to limit the powers of a centralized government because they feared it would one day overwhelm and smother the rights of the very citizens it was created (by the states) to serve. This is exactly WHY I founded Political Sausage. An ignorant citizenry is a powerless citizenry that will never be able to fully hold their leaders accountable. WE, as American citizens, have FAR more power than any of the folks in Washington DC would have us believe….we need to have a firm UNDERSTANDING of our constitution, history, and rights…then HOLD those we send to Washington accountable for their actions.

The Rest of The Story…

While these Democrats would have you think they have been wronged beyond all measure, let’s dig a little deeper…Earlier this week, the senate voted on 4 gun bills that did not have enough votes to even make it out of committee, so there was nothing to actually vote on!!! By the way the house democrats behaved, they would have us all think that the republicans were trying to stifle THEIR constitutional rights. Ironically, it was the democrats trying to stifle EVERYONE ELSE’S constitutional rights via their propaganda stunt. The bill the democrats complained about not getting to vote on was proposed by Rep James Clyburn and mirrored the previously 4 FAILED senate gun bills. Therefore, Clyburn’s bill would not have passed through the senate, regardless of what the house did, making it DOA and a waste of everyone’s time, and taxpayer money.

So, to sum it up, the democrats basically staged a public hissy fit because they did not get to vote on a bill which had essentially already failed in the senate. Then, after making big statements about how they would not break their sit in until Hell froze over, they packed their bags and left for vacation a few hours later! Now THAT’S what I call RESOLVE!!! OOOOOOOh HOW these pampered princesses must have SUFFERED in those hours leading up to them hopping on their first-class flights out of town!!! LOL!!!

Now, had the republicans staged any kind of protest, the democrats would have ended the session, turned off the microphone & lights, labeled the republicans “morons”, and then told the media to ignore them, which they WOULD have since they are the propaganda arm of the democratic party. Oh wait—in 2008 THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED!!! Can you say “double standard”?

We live in a dangerous world, and I am all for taking guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals. However, I will NOT give up my right to due process in order to accomplish it. I understand that with freedom comes risk, and it’s a risk I’m more than willing to take for the rewards of living free.

As I stated previously, I am distrustful of our government, which I find to be very corrupt on so many levels. Over the years, we’ve witnessed how easy it is for administrations to abuse their power, tamper with and revise public records, and to also target citizens. Therefore, I don’t put it past any administration to put some of their real or perceived political enemies on a no-fly list just to restrict or revoke said enemies freedoms. If US Senators and Congressmen can be put on the the no-fly list, and have difficulty getting their names off, what chances do average citizens have against a massive government on a tear?

Hopefully, I’ve given you something to think about. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, just a realist. We have to be discerning when it comes to the information we ingest, and do as much research as possible to discover the truth about anything & everything, no matter what it reveals. Propaganda is only dangerous to your constitutional rights if you buy into it. Governments will only be as intrusive in your life as you let them. The power lies within you.

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  • Sharon

    You are so right in all that you posted here. I will take a quote from Rush Limbaugh and say that we should all be the “mayors of Realville”! We should all research for the real truth and make decisions accordingly. We should not trust any media to give us the facts. We as citizens are tasked with holding our government accountable and it is up to us to find the facts and the truth. Thanks, Kim, for giving us all much to consider and the places to really look to find the facts! Looking forward to more truths and interacting with others who want our voices heard!

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