9/11 in Remembrance

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9/11 in Remembrance

God Bless America and God Bless those innocent and brave souls whose lives were cut short on that fateful September morning. I’ll never forget where I was when Americans and the world received news of that initial plane strike, which we’d later come to know as the first of several terror strikes on our beloved homeland. Those of us who watched in horror, fully understood the magnitude of honor and courage with which these brave men, women, and even children faced the treachery of the darkest day in our nation’s history. Let us forever hold them and the precious families they left behind in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. May God’s arms be their solace…where they have found the rest, comfort and peace that they sorely deserve! THEY are true heroes and we will never forget them. We must be mindful that evil is ever-present and that we MUST be ready to defend against it…ALWAYS!!!

Let us NEVER Forget…..

“Today, we gather to be reassured that God hears the lamenting and bitter weeping of Mother America because so many of her children are no more. Let us now seek that assurance in prayer for the healing of our grief-stricken hearts, for the souls and sacred memory of those who have been lost. Let us also pray for divine wisdom as our leaders consider the necessary actions for national security, wisdom of the grace of God that as we act, we not become the evil we deplore.”
– Rev. Nathan Baxter, Dean of Washington National Cathedral from “9/11..a Day of Remembrance“.

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